NFR for Dogs

I am now offering the benefits of NeuroFascial Re-Education for dogs. Often, significant improvements in mobility and pain relief are possible – for dogs with injuries or aging dogs – through applying NFR principles, adapted especially for them. Please contact Gary to schedule an appointment for your dog.

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Read some of my client’s stories below!

Kristine’s Story about Riley

“I adopted Riley in September 2019 after fostering her with a animal  rescue non-profit I volunteer for. 
“Riley came from a hoarding house, where she lived in a confined situation in her own urine and feces, and was inadequately fed and full of fleas. She was underweight and never developed proper lower back muscles due to her confinement and lack of proper nutrition and regular exercise. She is a golden retriever-shepherd mix and has the most loving and delightful personality.
“After adopting her, I noticed how lethargic she was, especially on walks and after playing in the house. When summer came, her lethargy greatly increased.

“Due to Riley’s past, it took a few visits for her to get comfortable with someone touching her in vulnerable areas – but now Gary is one of her most favorite people on the planet! 

“She understands how much better he makes her feel and how much he lessens her pain. She loves giving him kisses while he works on her, and as I watch, I can see the intimate human-animal bond and communication that is happening between them. 

“Riley benefits greatly from his visits and we will continue to use him on a regular basis as a wonderful resource to manage her pain in the future. 

“Many thanks Gary! :)”

— Kristine and Riley 

Sebastian’s Story about Ginger

February 24, 2021: Sebastian’s story about Ginger:

“Ginger is a 19 year old Coyote Chow Shepard Mix. As she has aged, old injuries and acting like a puppy showed itself as stiffness in joints, inability to get up, and limping. She began to favor one side and drift sideways as older dogs do, strong front legs dragging the rest of her along for the ride.

“She does not want to stop walking and showed no signs of wanting to slow down. Unlike humans, older dogs still want to walk and jump around, with no awareness of their age and their frail body.

“Her spirit is as young today as the day she was born. But her body was on a steady decline. A neighbor recommended we take her to Gary and sure enough, brought her in for the introductory appointment.

“His energy is compassionate and kind, Ginger immediately felt safe with him. He made an effort to get her to feel comfortable and treated her in the independent way she has grown accustomed to. I was shocked at how sweet he was compared to most people we had been seeing up until Gary. He made an effort to gain her trust, get used to him and his smell, and bond with her affectionately, the chiropractors we saw barely seemed to have 5 mins for her, albeit good with dogs and genuine, they were thinking more about their next appointments and getting home than Ginger.

“She immediately settled in to our first visit after being properly greeted by Gary in the cozy, peaceful atmosphere of his office, and building. From being afraid to go in the building (reminded her of the vet at first), to began melting in his arms. I can genuinely say, of the people in Boulder and the surrounding areas that work with dogs, he has a understanding of animals few have, as well as the ability to heal.

“Ginger is sitting next to me, comfortable on the floor as I write this. I believe its important to treat all living things the way I would like to be treated. What energy you put into the world, you get back. We are mammals just like dogs and they need the attention and specified care just as much as we do. We all deserve to be pain free, comfortable in our bodies.”

Thank you,
Sebastian Rane Miranda 

Sherrie’s Story about Blue

2021 update on Blue: Blue has been with us now for four and a half years, after being told he needed to be put down in late 2016.

Sherrie’s Story about her dog Blue:

“My twelve year old dog, Blue, woke up on a Sunday morning in excruciating pain. He was yelping and whimpering with the slightest movement and was unable to get up the stairs. I took him to the emergency vet and he was given three different pain meds until an MRI could be done. Despite the pain meds, he was still in severe pain.

“Gary had helped me with many of my own pain issues over the years, and I decided it was worth a try to have him work on Blue the next day.

“Gary worked on Blue for 90 minutes and the change in Blue’s body from the beginning of the session to the end was pretty miraculous! Afterwards he could hold his back end up, the distraught look was gone from his face and his movements were clearly much less painful.

“After 3 sessions, Blue’s gait was better and his strength was back, allowing him to climb stairs once again. The first session, Gary had to pick Blue up to put him on the treatment table. On the third session, Blue jumped up on the treatment table all by himself!

“Blue can now go up and down stairs, and jump on and off my bed, as before. His strength, flexibility, and digestion have all continued to improve with each treatment. We continue to see Gary once or twice a month to ensure Blue maintains his mobility and health.”

Kristine’s Story about Emma

Gary Remes with Emma, April 2017

Update on Emma:
Emma was able to enjoy life for 2-1/2 more years, after almost being put down three times. She enjoyed her life till the last minute, active and playing outdoors. Kristine was happy to have Emma with her for an extra two and a half years. And now Kristine has a new dog named Riley, who I also work with – see Riley’s story coming soon!

Here’s Kristine’s story:

“In April 2017, my senior dog Emma fell on something and hurt her leg. She couldn’t walk at all, let alone back to the house. This happened in addition to her other already existing degenerative senior issues. At the time, I had a partially torn rotator cuff and bicep tendon and could not carry her. She was in serious pain and bad shape.

“Over the next couple of days, I both made and cancelled three appointments to have her euthanized. As a last ditch effort, I decided to bring her to Gary to see if he could help, since he has been such a lifesaver for my own medical issues.

“I had to have someone physically carry Emma to his office. The 1.5 hour visit was worth it. Emma LOVED Gary. He has the ability to aid and communicate with animals through touch on a level I cannot. Having him work on her gave me a ton of information about how she was feeling and where her worst pain points were. Seeing her gaze at him, and watching their non-verbal communication through body language, expressions, and touch gave me tremendous joy, as Emma understood he was trying to alleviate her pain. The visit was truly amazing.

“After the appointment, Emma walked out of his office on her own – and at a pace! She was extremely happy, and seeing the change in her mobility level was astonishing. It is now January 2018 and Emma is still with me – happy and having great mobility. We continue to visit Gary to keep her loose and moving.

“Although Gary’s focus is mainly on humans, I would highly recommend him to work on your dog as well. Having seen the outcome, and knowing how much I care for Emma, it was more than worth the money spent.

“Thanks, Gary!”

— Kristine G., 1/26/2018, Boulder, CO