Sebastian’s Story about Ginger

February 24, 2021: Sebastian’s story about Ginger:

“Ginger is a 19 year old Coyote Chow Shepard Mix. As she has aged, old injuries and acting like a puppy showed itself as stiffness in joints, inability to get up, and limping. She began to favor one side and drift sideways as older dogs do, strong front legs dragging the rest of her along for the ride.

“She does not want to stop walking and showed no signs of wanting to slow down. Unlike humans, older dogs still want to walk and jump around, with no awareness of their age and their frail body.

“Her spirit is as young today as the day she was born. But her body was on a steady decline. A neighbor recommended we take her to Gary and sure enough, brought her in for the introductory appointment.

“His energy is compassionate and kind, Ginger immediately felt safe with him. He made an effort to get her to feel comfortable and treated her in the independent way she has grown accustomed to. I was shocked at how sweet he was compared to most people we had been seeing up until Gary. He made an effort to gain her trust, get used to him and his smell, and bond with her affectionately, the chiropractors we saw barely seemed to have 5 mins for her, albeit good with dogs and genuine, they were thinking more about their next appointments and getting home than Ginger.

“She immediately settled in to our first visit after being properly greeted by Gary in the cozy, peaceful atmosphere of his office, and building. From being afraid to go in the building (reminded her of the vet at first), to began melting in his arms. I can genuinely say, of the people in Boulder and the surrounding areas that work with dogs, he has a understanding of animals few have, as well as the ability to heal.

“Ginger is sitting next to me, comfortable on the floor as I write this. I believe its important to treat all living things the way I would like to be treated. What energy you put into the world, you get back. We are mammals just like dogs and they need the attention and specified care just as much as we do. We all deserve to be pain free, comfortable in our bodies.”

Thank you,
Sebastian Rane Miranda