Neuro-Fascial Re-EducationTM (NFR)

NFR is a unique bodywork modality, created by Gary Remes, which combines elements of acupressure, trigger point therapy, and fascial release in a synergistic manner to relieve pain and return the body to balance. NFR is particularly effective in relieving chronic pain because it first addresses the nervous system through light pressure applied to acupressure points and trigger points in order to relax the nervous system and return it to its original balanced condition; and then follows with fascial release work to stretch and relax the fascia surrounding the muscles so that the old, dysfunctional pattern held in the connective tissue is not re-activated.

Addressing all three of the main systems involved in chronic pain – meridians, the nervous system and the connective tissue – is very important in achieving permanent relief from pain, because if one or two are rebalanced while the others remain unchanged, the unchanged systems will eventually recreate the imbalanced body patterns which had generated the chronic pain.


NFR is the most effective approach to pain relief and resolution of chronic body imbalances, and is the service most frequently requested by clients. However, Gary has been trained in many other bodywork and massage therapy techniques and also offers sessions in any of the techniques listed below:

Bodywork Modalities

Jin Shin Do / Acupressure

Jin Shin Do is non-rhythmic application of direct pressure to meridians, in order to either re-energize or to town down excessive energy flowing in the meridians.

Shiatsu / Acupressure

Shiatsu, the most well-known form of acupressure, is the rhythmic application of pressure to specific points along the body’s meridians. Shiatsu helps to simulate the flow of energy to promote health and relaxation.

Myofascial ReleaseTM

Myofascial ReleaseTM provides sustained pressure and stretching applied to connective tissue in order to relieve constrictions in the fascia, thus eliminating tightness and pain caused by these restrictions. Myofascial Release can noticeably improve the body’s range of motion.

Cranial Sacral BodyworkTM

Cranial Sacral BodyworkTM is a light-touch therapy which works with the cerebral spinal fluid and soft tissue, releasing restrictions that are associated with symptoms such as migraine headaches and chronic pain.

Massage Modalities

Sports Massage

Strenuous massage for athletes, dancers, and other physically active individuals to prepare for, or wind down from, rigorous exercise events.

Deep Tissue Massage

Directed pressure to help break up chemical and physical adhesions.

Swedish Massage

Gentle, nurturing massage.

Lomi Lomi

Traditional Hawaiian massage. Your choice of style:

  • Big Island
  • Auntie Mary Margaret


Neuro-Emotional KinesiologyTM

Neuro-Emotional KinesiologyTM is a modality developed by Gary Remes which tests muscle strength to allow the body to reveal underlying weaknesses in the body due to chemical, physical, neurological, or emotional disturbances which may be contributing to dysfunctional patterns of tension in the body. Once identified, these weaknesses can then be cleared. This approach can be effective when other approaches are not producing desired results, and is also used in combination with NFR to further enhance the effectiveness of treatment.