Kristine’s Story about Riley

“I adopted Riley in September 2019 after fostering her with a animal  rescue non-profit I volunteer for. 
“Riley came from a hoarding house, where she lived in a confined situation in her own urine and feces, and was inadequately fed and full of fleas. She was underweight and never developed proper lower back muscles due to her confinement and lack of proper nutrition and regular exercise. She is a golden retriever-shepherd mix and has the most loving and delightful personality.
“After adopting her, I noticed how lethargic she was, especially on walks and after playing in the house. When summer came, her lethargy greatly increased.

“Due to Riley’s past, it took a few visits for her to get comfortable with someone touching her in vulnerable areas – but now Gary is one of her most favorite people on the planet! 

“She understands how much better he makes her feel and how much he lessens her pain. She loves giving him kisses while he works on her, and as I watch, I can see the intimate human-animal bond and communication that is happening between them. 

“Riley benefits greatly from his visits and we will continue to use him on a regular basis as a wonderful resource to manage her pain in the future. 

“Many thanks Gary! :)”

— Kristine and Riley