Neuro-Fascial Re-EducationTM (NFR)

NFR is a unique bodywork modality, created by Gary Remes, which combines elements of acupressure, trigger point therapy, and fascial release in a synergistic manner to relieve pain and return the body to balance. NFR is particularly effective in relieving chronic pain because it first addresses the nervous system through light pressure applied to acupressure points and trigger points in order to relax the nervous system and return it to its original balanced condition; and then follows with fascial release work to stretch and relax the fascia surrounding the muscles so that the old, dysfunctional pattern held in the connective tissue is not re-activated.

Addressing both the neurological and fascial components of the body is very important in achieving permanent relief from pain, because if either one is rebalanced while the other remains unchanged, the unchanged component will eventually recreate the body patterns which led to the condition of chronic pain.