Sherrie’s Story about Blue

2021 update on Blue: Blue has been with us now for four and a half years, after being told he needed to be put down in late 2016.

Sherrie’s Story about her dog Blue:

“My twelve year old dog, Blue, woke up on a Sunday morning in excruciating pain. He was yelping and whimpering with the slightest movement and was unable to get up the stairs. I took him to the emergency vet and he was given three different pain meds until an MRI could be done. Despite the pain meds, he was still in severe pain.

“Gary had helped me with many of my own pain issues over the years, and I decided it was worth a try to have him work on Blue the next day.

“Gary worked on Blue for 90 minutes and the change in Blue’s body from the beginning of the session to the end was pretty miraculous! Afterwards he could hold his back end up, the distraught look was gone from his face and his movements were clearly much less painful.

“After 3 sessions, Blue’s gait was better and his strength was back, allowing him to climb stairs once again. The first session, Gary had to pick Blue up to put him on the treatment table. On the third session, Blue jumped up on the treatment table all by himself!

“Blue can now go up and down stairs, and jump on and off my bed, as before. His strength, flexibility, and digestion have all continued to improve with each treatment. We continue to see Gary once or twice a month to ensure Blue maintains his mobility and health.”