Johns Hopkins: Muscle Pain – It May Actually be Your Fascia

Read this new article from Johns Hopkins, explaining a new, emerging view of the source of pain in the body:

Muscle Pain – It May Actually be Your Fascia

Gary Remes’ unique therapy, Neuro-Fascial Re-Education™, directly re-educates the neural/ fascial dysfunction that may be creating pain in your body, to restore the body to homeostasis.


Neuro-Fascial Re-Education™ (NFR) was created by Gary Remes, LMT, for the relief of chronic pain.

NFR has achieved remarkable results in the relief of chronic pain for thousands of people with conditions ranging from chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, and TMJ to migraines, whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome and even heartburn and multiple sclerosis.

Gary also offers the benefits of NFR for dogs with mobility issues and chronic pain issues. Read some of the amazing stories by loving dog owners sharing how NFR has helped their beloved pets feel relief from pain, and keep moving!


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