Postural Problems

The human body is a fantastic piece of biological equipment which is essentially a strong movable frame (which we know as the skeleton) surrounded by a series of strong flexible muscles which are connected to the skeleton by ligaments.

This ingenious set up means we able to move around at will with a large degree of freedom and control. However, due to the nature of our daily lives in this day and age, many of us develop poor posture: at work, in hobbies or even in our favorite sport.

This means we do not hold our body in a good position when doing things such as walking or sitting at a computer desk. This is a concern for many, as good posture provides us with a series of benefits such as a strong spine and a higher sense of self-confidence. I find that postural problems commonly arise from structural problems. When left untreated, postural problems can cause pain in other parts of the body, and affect the client’s activities and quality of life.

With NFR treatments, many if not all of my clients report great improvement in their posture in the first session, and reduced or completely eliminated pain.