Ko’o Kea Resort Offers Unique Treatments!

Ko’o Kea Resort Offers Unique Treatments!
by Stevie Wilson

For me, one of the cappers of a vacation is getting a spa treatment. I scheduled “the kid” and I for treatments at a near-by spa (Hyatt Regency’s Anara Spa was also just down the road but I had been there twice). I wanted to test out the newest spa on the block at the Ko’o Kea Resort.

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Here’s what “the kid” had:

Personalized Facial 
This facial is dfferent for everyone since each person’s skin is different. It’s a relaxing yet balancing and revitalizing facial that is personalized with the individual’s l skin
concerns and type in mind. Using in-depth analysis and classic European techniques, the aestheticians created the perfect customized treatment that had her asking to do it again. What was in hers? She couldn’t remember.

Sea Salt Cocnut Body Polish 
It’s a relatively short treatment under 30 minutes the provides exfoliation with essential hydration.The treatment begins with , therapeutic Hawaiian Sea Salt is enriched with Kauai Clay, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, and Organic Cocoa and Mango Butters for a smooth and stimulating experience. She was super-relaxed after this.

I went in a different direction; a massage that would get the kinks out of my back and body and would prepare me for the return back to the mainland.– the Neuro Fascial Re-Education Massage is unlike anything else that you would experience. Different from deep tissue massages, ths one incorporates accupressure and new techniques to help the body totally relax in a way that had me walking out about 2 feet off the ground.

Here’s the description:

NFR specializes in chronic pain conditions or limited range of motion resulting
from injury, postural problems and neuro-muscular diseases. By re-educating the nervous and fascial systems through application of direct pressure to select trigger points, body alignment is immediately improved resulting in a decrease or elimination of pain.

You won’t find this treatment just anywhere and the availability is quite limited. I did a google search and came up with something related and here is another paper done for practioners and doctors that really digs deep into the practice of this type of treatment. The version I had was a version of what is above but tweaked by a massage therapist and Chinese Medicine Specialist who has been doing this for years. Totally amazing. He has his own office in Lihue as well. NFR, Gary Remes …  As I find more papers and scholarly information, I will post about it.

This is one treatment NOT to be missed!!