Organic Spa Magazine
by Rima Suqi
Destination Hawaii: Kauai


At just 121 rooms, Koa Kea feels more like an apartment complex than a hotel, albeit a super-stylish one. The lobby feels more Miami than Hawaii, the rooms feature dark woods accented with shades of blue, and most have an ocean view via a balcony. And their Poipu beach location, where you can watch surfers while the sun sets, cannot be beat. If you’re on a budget, it’s worth knowing that a house vodka martini here is just $10, as is the Ahi sampler plate at the bar, where you can chat with Jim the bartender (and historian, entertainer, etc) and munch on complimentary edamame. The spa is hidden behind what looks like normal guest room doors, with five treatment rooms and two local, all-natural product lines (Pure & True and Malie). It also has something that none other does, a man named Gary Remes who invented a technique called Neuro Fascial Re-Education. It is hard to put into words so I’ll quote directly from the spa brochure: “NFR treats common pain conditions resulting from injury, postural problems, and neuro-muscular diseases. By re-educating the nervous and fascial systems through application of direct pressure to select trigger points, body alignment is immediately improved resulting in a decrease or elimination of pain.” That description doesn’t really explain what happens, but I’m not 100 percent that I can either. All I can say is I had clothes on, at times Gary used some kinesiology moves, at times trigger point therapy, but I came out feeling lighter and pain-free and felt that way for a few days.  

Bottom Line: I’d stay here again for the location alone, but if you’re super into spa-ing and want to be on Kauai, the Grand Hyatt is probably a better choice. 808-806-2299,