What is NFR?

NFR is a unique bodywork modality, created by Gary Remes, which combines elements of acupressure, trigger point therapy, and fascial release in a synergistic manner to relieve pain and return the body to balance. NFR is particularly effective in relieving chronic pain because it first re-balances the nervous system via acupressure points and trigger points; and then follows up with fascial release work to ensure that the old, dysfunctional pattern held in the connective tissue is not re-activated.

Gary Remes, LMT is now a provider for Imagine Colorado! Gary has been offering his services for over 26 years to clients needing relief from chronic pain. Gary’s unique background, unusual talents, and life experience, as well as his own journey to eliminate chronic pain in his own body, combined to lead him to develop Neuro-Fascial Re-EducationTM (NFR). NFR’s synergistic combination of bodywork systems – addressing the meridians, the nervous system, and the fascia (connective tissue) – has proven to be remarkably effective for chronic pain sufferers, really making a difference in their bodies and eliminating their pain.

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